Clearline Technologies: A Catalyst for Growth and Sustainability in Delaware County

One of the rubber products from Clearline Technologies is pictured. Photo provided.
One of the rubber products from Clearline Technologies is pictured. Photo provided.

By Bill Walters, Executive Director, ECIRPD—

MUNCIE, IN—Under the umbrella of the Delaware County Commissioners, the Delaware County Department of Economic Development and Redevelopment diligently works to attract capital investment, spur job creation, and elevate the overall quality of life through diverse projects within Delaware County. Collaborating with the ECI Regional Planning District, the department focuses on enticing businesses to establish their headquarters in the county, with a special emphasis on international companies that bring highly skilled technical positions across various industries. Notably, Clearline Technologies, USA, originating from Winnipeg, Canada, has made a substantial impact on the community through its economic contributions and unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

Specializing in the manufacture of products such as parking curbs, speed bumps, hexagon bases, and C-Ports, Clearline Technologies stands out by utilizing 100% recycled rubber in its production processes. Beyond its products, the company’s dedication to sustainability extends to its infrastructure, sourcing materials from a local barn and even a Winnipeg skyscraper. From recycled break room tables to salvaged silos transformed into machinery, Clearline strives to minimize waste and make an environmental impact. With a vision to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, the company actively recycles materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, aligning with the values upheld by the Delaware County Commissioners and the East Central Indiana Regional Planning District.

The partnership between Clearline Technologies and Delaware County was initiated at a trade conference in Washington D.C., where key figures such as James King, a county commissioner, assessed the potential benefits of welcoming the company to the area. Justin Clauson, Clearline’s Operations Manager, acknowledges the instrumental role played by the Economic Development Team in Delaware County, emphasizing their round-the-clock commitment. Operational for about a year and a half now, Clearline enjoys ongoing support from the Economic Development Team, a testament to the county’s long-term commitment to its businesses. They now have expanded the building by an additional 10,000 square feet, currently employ 31 individuals, and have plans for further growth in both staff size and facility square footage.

According to King, Delaware County distinguishes itself by not merely bringing companies to the area but by pledging support for the extended future. King notes, “We want them to understand we are not just here to bring them to Delaware County, but we are here for them for 20 to 30 years down the line, too. A lot of counties don’t do that.”

Clearline Technologies’ Managing Director, Alain Masson, highlights the unique opportunities offered by Delaware County, emphasizing the commitment of local officials in welcoming the company to the community. As a result, Clearline Technologies found in Delaware County an unmatched environment for growth and prosperity, setting the stage for a lasting partnership that goes beyond immediate gains.

The successful integration of Clearline Technologies into Delaware County exemplifies a commitment to economic growth, job creation, and environmental sustainability. The partnership, forged by the Economic Development Team and the ECI Regional Planning District, highlights the county’s forward-looking approach. This collaboration sets a model for fostering long-term success and innovation in the community.