Delaware County to Help With Funding Infrastructure for Daycare Facility

Artist rendering of facility.

By Keith Roysdon—

DELAWARE COUNTY, Indiana—Delaware County officials have agreed to help with funding infrastructure for a much-needed daycare center in the county.

Kaleidoscope Kids Daycare, owned by longtime local daycare provider Janelle Kramer, will serve up to 180 children when finished.

The project, consisting of a new state-of-the-art building 13,850 square feet in size, will be located at the southwest corner of Wheeling and Moore roads in Muncie.

The Delaware County Redevelopment Commission will provide up to $250,000 in funding toward the $500,000 cost of running water and sewer utility infrastructure lines to the facility. The assistance will help make the project possible and spur the $3.5-million new development to get underway.

Delaware County Redevelopment President & County Commissioner James King said, “Delaware County is proud to provide help with the infrastructure on this project. The goal is always to provide more available daycare opportunities for local working people. This facility will bring another excellent daycare option for Delaware County.”

Janelle Kramer Interview on WMUN


“With children being Delaware County’s most precious asset, having quality childcare facilities is a must,” Brad Bookout, Director of Economic Affairs for Delaware County, said. “The Commissioners have recognized the great need for childcare options for a long time and it’s a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with a passionate childcare provider like Janelle Kramer on this important project.”

“I have always loved children and have had the mission of providing quality care and encouraging the growth and development of each child in all areas – emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and in the community,” Kramer said.

Kramer has been a local childcare provider for 35 years, most recently in nine home-like settings. Those facilities provide care for about 120 children, so the boost in number to 180 will open up many positions, she said.

The new facility will have 10 or more classrooms for children six weeks to six years old as well as afterschool daycare for kids ages six to 12, Kramer said.

Kramer said in her proposal for funding that the Covid pandemic was “eye opening” and emphasized the need for childcare for working families.

She cited numbers from the Brighter Futures of Indiana organization, which noted that Delaware County has a need for more than 4,000 daycare spots but only a little more than 3,200 spots are available.

Kramer said her center would also explore the possibility of a second shift of childcare for parents who work later hours.

Kramer has purchased the property and architectural drawings have been completed, Bookout said.

“There’s been a great need for this kind of facility in Delaware County for years,” Commissioners President Shannon Henry said. “This is great news for families.”


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