Porter Named New Regional Director For East Central Indiana SBDC

Judy Porter. Photo provided
Judy Porter. Photo provided

By Christy Ragle—

MUNCIE, IN—With nine years of experience at the East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Judy Porter has been an integral part of its team. She joined in 2015 as an Administrative Assistant and since then, has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the organization and taken on additional tasks and responsibilities. Following the resignation of the previous Regional Director, Karen Lloyd, in November 2023, Porter assumed the Interim Regional Director role, handling the organization’s daily operations. Porter is set to make an even greater impact as she transitions into the permanent position of Regional Director for East Central Indiana (SBDC). Her dedication and hard work have paved the way for this new chapter.

Porter’s experience and many years with the East Center Indiana SBDC make her the ideal candidate for this position. Over the past three months as the Interim Regional Director, she has managed staffing, liaised with the community, businesses, and agencies, created brand awareness through community engagement, and implemented positive changes.

“As we welcome Judy Porter to an elevated leadership role, we recognize her unwavering commitment to the Indiana SBDC’s values of professionalism, collaboration, and client-centered excellence,” shared Andrew Carty, State Director for the Indiana Small Business Development Center. “Her proven nine-year track record of results-oriented service ensures that the East Central Indiana SBDC will be led with dedication and effectiveness, serving our communities with integrity and innovation.”

Throughout her career, Porter has had the privilege of learning from and being guided by several mentors. Peggy Cenova, her former Regional Director, has provided coaching and mentorship for the past nine years. Other influential mentors include Christy Ragle, Ted Baker, and Candy Dodd. Additionally, the Chic Innovate Group and the Fierce Females Group have significantly shaped Porter’s professional journey.

Porter is passionate about connecting with small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing them with essential resources to fuel their growth and ensure their success. In her words: “I am excited about connecting our region’s small businesses and entrepreneurs with our many resources to assist in their growth.”

“I have a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs reach their full potential. That could mean a one-person business or a 500-person business. Everyone has a unique situation, and our team will meet them where they are,” emphasized Porter.

Porter’s plan for the future of East Central Indiana SBDC entails:

  • Capitalizing on the region’s past achievements.
  • Forging new connections and fortifying existing ties in local communities.
  • Overhauling and presenting new training resources.
  • Maintaining the local pitch competitions (initially launched by former Regional Director Karen Lloyd)

The East Central Indiana SBDC provides no-cost, confidential small business consulting to 11 counties of East Central Indiana. Access these services by visiting www.isbdc.org or calling (765) 282-9950. Find business growth information by following the East Central Indiana SBDC on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.