Montana Trucking Company Chooses Delaware County for Terminal, Eastern U.S. Headquarters

Jones Brothers Trucking will locate in the Industria Center

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By Keith Royson—

DELAWARE COUNTY, Indiana – A Montana-based trucking company is investing in Delaware County, Indiana, where it will locate a logistics hub and its Eastern U.S. headquarters.

Jones Brothers Trucking will build a state-of-the-art trucking and logistics facility at 1901 W. Mount Pleasant Boulevard in the Industria Center industrial park.

Jones Brothers will build a $2-million trucking and dispatch facility on the site, which the company has owned for several years. The site is currently being used as a trailer drop yard for the company. Construction began on June 14, with an anticipated completion date in December.

“The goal is for this to be the hub of our Eastern operations,” said Paul Jenkin, president of eastern operations for Jones Brothers Trucking. “Delaware County is centrally located to suit our needs, and a great location for our Eastern operations headquarters.”

Jones Brothers owns 70 trucks that haul flatbed trailers of goods, but it also acts as a logistics brokerage, connecting companies that need to ship products with thousands of trucks that are available to haul. “If you’re a broker, you talk to a customer and find out what they need to ship, and you can call 100 different trucking companies to get a truck to do their work,” Jenkin said.

For new drivers it hires, the company pays for 200 hours of commercial driver’s license (CDL) training as well as other types of training.

December 5, 2022 radio broadcast about Jones Trucking on WMUN 92.5FM/1340AM

Jones Brothers has been working with the Delaware County commissioners and Brad Bookout, the county’s Director of Municipal and Economic Affairs, for several years to make the development happen.

“It’s a big achievement for us,” Jenkin said. “We are very grateful for all of the support we have received from Brad and Delaware County and are thrilled to be a part of the growing community.”

Commissioner President Sherry Riggin said, “In any community it is important to have various reliable logistics providers that can get the variety of goods produced delivered on time to their destinations. I’m glad to see Jones Brothers Trucking’s commitment to Delaware County.

Commissioner Shannon Henry said, “I’m thankful to see the new investment that Jones Brothers Trucking is making. The increase in the tax base in and around the Industria Center continues to grow and the Jones Brothers project is another example of businesses picking our community to invest in. I’m happy to welcome them.”

Bookout said, “Jones Brothers Trucking specializes in flatbed logistics services. With the recent construction of the CANPACK and INOX facilities as well as Progress Rail and others, our community now has a dedicated flatbed truck service to support our diversified industries. I’m excited that they have chosen Delaware County to make such a large capital investment.”

Commissioner James King said, “We should all welcome Jones Brothers’ investment. After all, Indiana was always said to be the Crossroads of America. What better place to locate a logistics company?”

Jenkin noted that beyond $2 million for an 8,500-square-foot office building, “the bigger impact is with the equipment. The drivers work from the truck, and that’s their office. When we bring 50 trucks here, that’s $9 million just for the trucks.”

Jones Brothers currently has 13 employees, including drivers, in Delaware County. “My goal is to have 50 trucks here within the next year or so,” Jenkin said.

The company is aiming for a December move-in to the new Delaware County facility, along with the hiring of more employees, including mechanics and support staff.

Jones Brothers Trucking operates in 48 states.


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