DANNAR® Thrives on Muncie’s East Side

DANNER's® new headquarters located on Bunch Boulevard. Photo by Mike Rhodes
DANNER's® new headquarters located on Bunch Boulevard. Photo by Mike Rhodes

By Stacey Shannon—

MUNCIE, IN—After years in its Bethel Avenue location, DANNAR® moved a year ago to its new headquarters located on Bunch Boulevard as part of the Kitselman Pure Energy Park. The new location has been a great fit for the company, who manufactures electric mobile power systems.

In 1998, Gary Dannar, founder and CEO, began developing the universal, self-propelled mobile platforms for multipurpose power systems for which the company is known. Since then, he’s manufactured four versions of the versatile product designed for use in construction, emergency response, disaster clean-up and more.

In fact, on Oct. 3, the U.S. Department of Defense announced a partnership with DANNAR® to create three models of distribution-class mobile power systems to be operated by the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.

“We have appreciated working with DoD high-level concepts since 2017,” Dannar said. “This project will help us to accelerate the development and adoption of electric aviation and energy storage technologies, which will have a significant impact on the future of national security.”

DANNAR® makes Mobile Power Stations® that offer a variety of different configuration options to help lower the cost of operation for its end users. The stations are all-electric, designed for offroad work and are both clean and quiet.


The DANNAR® 4.00 base configuration comes standard with three 42 kWh BMW i3 Li-Ion battery packs (126 kWh total), and can be easily upgraded with up to nine additional packs for a total of 504 kWh of on-board electricity. Built on a heavy-duty steel ladder frame, the DANNAR 4.00 can be ordered with or without an operator cab or platform. Photo courtesy of Dannar.us.com

Manufacturing those products begins in Muncie. While Dannar has worked on his concepts from the West Coast to the East Coast, Muncie was the final home for the first MPS assembly plant and DANNER® Midwest headquarters.

“We’re here because of a workforce familiar with quality manufacturing,” Dannar said. “We look for communities with good people, and Muncie has great people.”

Being part of the Kitselman Pure Energy Park was a particular draw for Dannar who focuses on providing an environmentally friendly MPS. He also designed the headquarters’ building to have solar panels for part of its energy use.

Originally built to help communities rebuild their infrastructure, the MPSs have become so much more and assist in emergency response for floods, storm clean-up, blizzards, fires and beyond.

Dannar plans to keep his company firmly in Muncie and continue creating job opportunities for local residents.


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